The Entheogenic Reformation of Public Health, Medicine, Science, Politics, and Law

It is time to start writing a book. I will publish ideas here.

First, a prayer:

My Prayer for Healing—May The Entheogenic Reformation Bring an End to the Pharmacratic Inquisition and Usher in an Era of Drug Peace, Fostering Compassion, Ecological Consciousness, and Openness in our Cultures of Public Health, Medicine, Science, Politics, and Law.

This is my prayer, and may it be prophesy as well. 

We are indeed in the midst of an entheogenic reformation impacting all regardless of personal spiritual or religious affiliations.  The entheogenic reformation which is growing in both religious and secular spheres is reawakening in many diverse quarters a deep respect and appreciation of the potency and import of entheogens, as ancient and still accessible portals to gnosis and healing and what many might call a direct experience of divine presence within one’s lifetime.  As the entheogenic reformation spreads and grows in acceptance, the healing they can offer will increasingly be recognized and the gnosis they offer will be understood as valid knowledge and teaching. Entheogenesis will become widely accepted as a valid pathway to a possible direct experience of divine presence for those who choose it and regard them as sacraments.  These developments will impact wider culture and specifically the cultures of public health, medicine, science, politics, and law.

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